Margit Feurer
Graphic Design

Margit Feurer is a Swiss graphic designer and art director based in Zurich.

Margit’s field of expertise includes logo development and corporate design, illustration and information design. Her biggest passion is creating exquisite and unique design books.
Margit’s work is profound and subtle, speaking to the senses and refined in terms of the materials used. Thanks to her interest in craftsmanship and her vivid exchange with skilled printers and bookbinders, tailor-made high quality production is an integral part of her creative process.


Margit meets her clients at eye-level and immerses herself in every project with empathy, curiosity and the calmness of an experienced professional. Like a mentor she guides her counterpart through the design process, persistently always on the lookout for the best solution. Her ambition is to find a clever and meaningful way of responding to the clients’ needs, and her impetus is her passion – often sparking the fire in her clients anew.

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